I just feel the need to post, to those with anxiety, depression, minds that are shutting down. I havent for a while, im incredibly healthy, im ok. But i still feel the need to talk. At no point are are you weak, you are the same gorgeous person you were the day you were born. Your place in this world just as vital as the day you were born. At no point is judgement and it comes in many forms, is that ever acceptable in this life. I have been judged, harshly in my life for experiencing my brain breaking under its normal capacity. Yet today im ok. Im better than that, happy. Yet i have spent days, months even years of my life in bed unable to move. I created a family of 16 fur babies so i could live. I do not recommend this to anyone, lol. Its just where i had to go. And it works for me xx. Find what works for you xx. Its abstract. Someone close to me is now going through the same cycle. I have just crawled, and i mean crawled my way out of. I cannot describe to you how dark and encompassing it was. Am i a psycho? Absolutely not. Am i lazy? Am i selfish? Am i a burden? Fuck no. Theres 10000000 different metaphors about walking in anothers shoes, that resonate empathy. And thats it. Unless you can take the time out and embrace everyone you come into contact with, you just cant do justice. People slip through cracks. Small groups, dont let peeps slip. Care, I genuinely love souls. No matter what has happened, no matter the hurt. I cannot help it. Embrace souls. There is beauty in most. My door is always open. You are never alone. I couldnt do Mount Larcom for me. I wanted to climb it for awareness of chronic pain, depression, and anxiety and give this town more support for their mental health. But fuck it, i’m going now. Whos coming? I’ve seen too many suffer.

We need better support systems.

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