David had drawn this back in early 2013, when he was having a bad time with depression. Days leading up, he didn’t go to work, didn’t eat, just drank alcohol and stayed locked away by himself in the bedroom. About 3 days after drawing this, he took off in the middle of the night. Long story short, after meeting up with him a few towns over, he drove off telling me he couldn’t come back home and he would meet me in queensland (we were living in south Australia at the time and we had looked into moving here to be close to my family) I didn’t have contact with him for 4 days, I even put in a missing persons report, police tracked his credit cards and everything. He had run out of fuel in the middle of NSW and had to sleep in the car…once I met up with him again we came to queensland and the rest is history…

He seemed to have massive “episodes” every few years and we got through them. That’s why I didn’t think he would have actually done it (and the week leading up he was actually really trying, like we went out to dinner and lunch and he was cooking etc). He had previously attempted, before we met, but I had never witnessed anything first hand. He did try to get help back in 2013 and this year, and was told he was stressed or that he had nothing wrong with him. He told me that back in around 2003 he got admitted for slitting his wrists and they let him go the next day because they didn’t think he was “crazy”. They had asked him if he thought he could fly or had superpowers and he had answered no. I only hope we have come a long way with mental health since then.

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